the world is full of changes

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It all started when...

2017 is upon us, and the world is full of changes. Some people argue that we are on the cusp of the greatest changes to the world since the industrial revolution, with AR/VR, autonomous cars, blockchain, drone taxi and delivery, robots, connected devices, ubiquitous knowledge all rapidly coming our way. Drones are one of this year’s hottest Christmas gifts, and 3D printers continue to evolve.

Creativity is changing quickly too. The ability to connect between fans and musicians (and other artists) has been opened widely in the past fifteen years via the Internet. The ability to communicate and create in real-time from around the world will change the process fundamentally. Machine learning is seeing computers create music on their own – think of the impact of that alone on copyright – can a computer infringe on your music?!?  

Music and the body are also coming closer together, with the ability to create music by a move of your hand (or foot, or arm). The experience has also become more visual, and will continue with the impact of virtual reality on live performances. Will there be a reason to leave your house to see a live show?  How will all of these tools evolve?

At Thought5 we believe that the best is in front of us, if we know where to look and how to implement.  Let’s keep searching for that bright, creative future; something we’re doing already through our <work> (link)